Best Sports Fishing Maui

Best Sports Fishing Maui

Sports fishing on Maui may not be as good as on the Big Island but there are still plenty of opportunities to get your catch. Big Game fish are found May thru June while the peak fishing season is generally is from March to September, however, the fishing boats go out year round.

What’s your passion? 

Deep Sea Fishing: There are numerous sports fishing outfitters on Maui. Deep Sea boats depart from Lahaina and Maalea harbors. Option include a private charter or heading out on a group tour. Most fishing boats will accommodate up to 6 people. The majority of the boats depart between 6:00 am  – 7:00 am for a half day tour. The full day tours tend to leave in the early am hours. A private tour will depart whenever you like. You may have the opportunity to catch mahi, ono, ahi, blue and striped marlin. Catching a fish is not  guarantee and not all boats allow you to keep your catch on a group tour.

Bottom Fishing: Is done with the boat stopped, usually anchored or slowly drifting over favored fishing grounds. You are likely to catch fish such as jacks, snapper, wrasse, goatfish, and more. Fish caught bottom fishing are smaller than what is caught deep sea fishing….1-5 pounds.  Catching a fish is not  guarantee and not all boats allow you to keep your catch on a group tour.

Shore Fishing: A very popular pastime with the local fishermen. Take advantage of their knowledge and hire a guide! A guided shore fishing excursion will run 4 to 6 hours ( your choice) with up to four participants. Fish with a local angler, explore fishing from a beautiful white sand beach or a secluded rocky shoreline. Papio and Ulua are the prized catch.

Spear Fishing: Begins at 7:30 a.m. and includes spearfishing gear including gun, mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, weight belt and gloves. Location varies depending on weather patterns. Learn to safely and successfully enjoy the sport of spearfishing! including fish identification, fish preservation, gun safety, breath holding techniques and hunting techniques. You will spend about 2 hours in the water. Experienced spear fisherman may opt to hire a private guide for an hourly rate.

Spend a fun day enjoying fishing on Maui, please call or text Molly at 808.419.1756 for more information.

Best Diving Maui

Best Diving Maui

Best Diving Maui When visiting the island of Maui, be sure to spend some time in the ocean! This is the number one piece of advice to clients when asked, “What are the best activities in Maui?”.

It only makes sense that the best activities are ocean based as you are out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. With that being said, there are quite a few options: snorkel, snuba, scuba? Private charter or group charter? Snorkel, shore based or boat dives?

Plan your ocean based activities during the beginning of your stay.  Why? If the weather is bad or there is a large swell, your ocean based activities will get cancelled…if book reservations the first few days of your stay, the dive vendors will reschedule you for another day. Likewise, it is not recommended to book a dive on the day before you are suppose to fly..if your certified you know why and most dive companies will not allow you to do so.

Maui’s Best Boat Dives

SCUBA/ PADI certified divers will find the best dives in Maui county are the Wall Dive located on the backside of Molokini island , Sharkfin Rock, Barge Harbor, the Lighthouse, First and Second Cathedral on Lanai island, the Carthaginian II wreck and Olowalu Reef located near Lahaina. If the ocean is calm, you may find a private charter dive boat that will take you to dive on Molokai, however, the conditions have to be perfect for this to happen.

Maui’s Best Shore Dives & Snorkeling

The shore diving opportunities on Maui are plentiful Mala Pier, Cliffhouse, Hyatt Reef, Honolua Bay, Hawea Point, Namalu Bay and Ukumehame Reef are all exceptional shore dive locations in West Maui. Shore dives in South Maui include La Perouse, Ahihi Cove, Makena Landing, Five Caves and Wailea Beach.

The best option is always a privately charter dive. You will have the boat and crew to yourself, you can pick when and where you would like to dive. It is preferred but it will cost more.

The group dives are more affordable and there are a few outfitters that offer top notch experiences. If you are a beginner or are not certified some of the group dives will offer options such as SNUBA or HUKA which are similar to SCUBA but more restrictive in where you can explore.

If snorkeling is your thing and you want to explore the best snorkel dives in Maui, hire a private guide. Nothing is better than exploring a new place with a local. In the long run it will save you time and enhance your overall experience. The other option is to join a group snorkel tour, it will be more affordable but you will have to snorkel on the tour schedule, not your own schedule.

A cool addition to any dive is to hire a private water photographer to photograph or video your dive experience. Maui has some of the most acclaimed underwater photographers in the world. Some of the group dives will have a photographer on board but remember their goal is to shoot everybody in the group.

Call or text 808.419.1756 for information on reserving your dives today. We listen to your needs and offer the best options to maximize your diving on Maui.



Maui Luxury Concierge

Maui Luxury Concierge
Blue Planet Productions, Travel Agency, Adventure Travel Agent

Some visitors save their entire life to visit the island of Maui. Others come here two to three times a year and then there are the snowbirds that show up around Thanksgiving and stay through Easter. No matter what the reason is for visiting Maui, a local concierge will save you time and money.

Visitors are looking for quality activities and services to enhance their time on the island of Maui. A local concierge should be the first person called. Many visitors research the island prior to arrival and map out what activities and services they are interested in.  Without having local knowledge, details such as drive time, climate zones and issues surrounding the peak visiting seasons, you may end up wasting valuable vacation time.

As a local luxury concierge, I listen to client needs and make recommendations on activities, services and arrange the logistics to make sure their vacations are stress free, well organized and top quality.

Services to consider include airport transfers, car rentals and drop offs, private driving services, luggage transfers, provisioning services (grocery delivery),butler services, private chef, maid services, in house massage as well as activities.

Maui Luxury Concierge available to assist you, call 808.419.1756.

8:00 am – 8:00 pm HST

Note: There is a 3 hour difference in time from California.