Best Sports Fishing Maui

Best Sports Fishing Maui

Sports fishing on Maui may not be as good as on the Big Island but there are still plenty of opportunities to get your catch. Big Game fish are found May thru June while the peak fishing season is generally is from March to September, however, the fishing boats go out year round.

What’s your passion? 

Deep Sea Fishing: There are numerous sports fishing outfitters on Maui. Deep Sea boats depart from Lahaina and Maalea harbors. Option include a private charter or heading out on a group tour. Most fishing boats will accommodate up to 6 people. The majority of the boats depart between 6:00 am  – 7:00 am for a half day tour. The full day tours tend to leave in the early am hours. A private tour will depart whenever you like. You may have the opportunity to catch mahi, ono, ahi, blue and striped marlin. Catching a fish is not  guarantee and not all boats allow you to keep your catch on a group tour.

Bottom Fishing: Is done with the boat stopped, usually anchored or slowly drifting over favored fishing grounds. You are likely to catch fish such as jacks, snapper, wrasse, goatfish, and more. Fish caught bottom fishing are smaller than what is caught deep sea fishing….1-5 pounds.  Catching a fish is not  guarantee and not all boats allow you to keep your catch on a group tour.

Shore Fishing: A very popular pastime with the local fishermen. Take advantage of their knowledge and hire a guide! A guided shore fishing excursion will run 4 to 6 hours ( your choice) with up to four participants. Fish with a local angler, explore fishing from a beautiful white sand beach or a secluded rocky shoreline. Papio and Ulua are the prized catch.

Spear Fishing: Begins at 7:30 a.m. and includes spearfishing gear including gun, mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, weight belt and gloves. Location varies depending on weather patterns. Learn to safely and successfully enjoy the sport of spearfishing! including fish identification, fish preservation, gun safety, breath holding techniques and hunting techniques. You will spend about 2 hours in the water. Experienced spear fisherman may opt to hire a private guide for an hourly rate.

Spend a fun day enjoying fishing on Maui, please call or text Molly at 808.419.1756 for more information.

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