Maui Luxury Concierge

Maui Luxury Concierge
Blue Planet Productions, Travel Agency, Adventure Travel Agent

Some visitors save their entire life to visit the island of Maui. Others come here two to three times a year and then there are the snowbirds that show up around Thanksgiving and stay through Easter. No matter what the reason is for visiting Maui, a local concierge will save you time and money.

Visitors are looking for quality activities and services to enhance their time on the island of Maui. A local concierge should be the first person called. Many visitors research the island prior to arrival and map out what activities and services they are interested in.  Without having local knowledge, details such as drive time, climate zones and issues surrounding the peak visiting seasons, you may end up wasting valuable vacation time.

As a local luxury concierge, I listen to client needs and make recommendations on activities, services and arrange the logistics to make sure their vacations are stress free, well organized and top quality.

Services to consider include airport transfers, car rentals and drop offs, private driving services, luggage transfers, provisioning services (grocery delivery),butler services, private chef, maid services, in house massage as well as activities.

Maui Luxury Concierge available to assist you, call 808.419.1756.

8:00 am – 8:00 pm HST

Note: There is a 3 hour difference in time from California.


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